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The Archaeologist can be found on (moc_fild19 26, 32) Copied!.. Talk to him to start the Awakening Main Quest or Transform a Headgear, to swap back and forth between the slotted or non-slotted versions of New Wave Sunglasses and Black Devil's Mask, at no additional cost.. Main Quest. The main quest asks you to go to certain places and investigate a certain …

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Feather Beret: 1 Beret: 100 Soft Feather: 1 White Dyestuffs: Important: There is a 10% chance that the NPC; will make the hat but refuse to give it to you. Sakjul Rachel. rachel 152 131. Available. Feather Bonnet: 1 Romantic Gent: 300 Feather of Birds: 500 Zeny Trader Al De Baran's Pub . aldeba_in 152 166. Available. Flower Hairpin:

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Feathered Beret. Quick shop Feathered Beret - Blue / Silver. $40.00 USD Quick shop Feathered Beret - Black / Gold. $40.00 USD Quick shop Feathered Beret - Ruby Wine / Gold. $40.00 USD Quick shop Feathered Beret - Green / Gold. $40.00 USD Quick shop Feathered Beret - Blue / Gold ...

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Feather Beret - Ragnarok Renewal - A high class hat with an amazingly stylish look. When the feathers are added, it simply adds to its splendor.MDEF + 1Reduce 10% damage taken from DemiHuman monster....

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Квест на Feather Beret NPC: Sakyul - который сделаем вам берет, за необходимый лут, находиться в Рахеле. Координаты: Rachel (152, …

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Feather Beret - A high class hat with an amazingly stylish look. When the feathers are added, it simply adds to its splendor.MDEF + 1Reduce 10% damage taken from DemiHuman monster....

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Feather Beret [1], how do you make it? - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: How do you make the [1] slotted version

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Feathered Beret - Blue / Gold. $40.00 USD. Size: Small Medium Large XL Quantity. Small - $40.00 USD Medium - Sold out Large - Sold out XL - $40.00 USD. Buy it now. More payment options. Some form of beret could be worn by any social class throughout history. In the 16th Century, berets were a fashion must all over Europe, often worn aslant with ...

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Soft Feather, Ragnarok item de tipo Misc: A feather that is soft enough to be used as stuffing in a quilt. Weight : 1...

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White Feather Beret File:WhiteFeatherBeret.jpg; ID: 52482 Tradable: Yes Storage-able: Yes Vendable: Yes Slots: 0 Defence: 1 Equipped On: Upper Headgear Equippable By: Every Class Except Novice Required Level: None

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1x Feather Beret; 1x +4 Tidal Shoes [1] 1x +4 Wool Scarf [1] 1x Guildsman Recruiter Hat; 1x Marc Card; 1x Raydric Card; 1x Matyr Card; 1x Thara Frog Card; 2x Zerom Card; 3x Hydra Card; 1x Instant Job Ticket (Use this to Instantly change to your desired job and level to 99 in Job Master npc) Zeny 2,000,000

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Check out our feathered beret selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.

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Item Database > Equipment > Feather Beret Feather Beret. High-end hat with the safe color sky blue. It looks better with the feathers.

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Item Description. A high class hat with an amazingly stylish look. When the feathers are added, it simply adds to its splendor. MDEF + 1; Reduce 10% damage taken from DemiHuman monster

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C Feather Beret Upper Dropitem +2% โจมตี Monster Race Formless แรงขึ้น 4%. C Miracle Blue Rose Lower Exp +2% โจมตี Monster Race plant แรงขึ้น 4%. C Amistr Beret Upper Exp +2% โจมตี Monster Race Brute แรงขึ้น 4%. C Analyze Eye

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Quest Feather BeretItems que necesitas para realizar esta quest y conseguir este item.100 soft feather1 feather1 white dyestuffCuando tengas todos los items ...

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+7 Feather Beret A fancy, feathered cap made of smooth, sky blue material. Reduces damage from Demihuman enemies by 10%. MDEF +1 Class: Helmet Defense: 1 Head Position: Upper Weight: 60 Job: All except Novice On The Market

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iW Database - Item Info - Focus Beret [1] Focus Beret [1] A green beret that helps the user to refocus their energy into more meaningful attacks. The star on the front is inscribed with the character for 'Dragon'. Reduces the cast delay of skills by . Increases the cooldown of [Cursed Circle] and [Tiger Cannon] by 10 seconds.

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Feather, Ragnarok item de tipo Misc: A feather that boasts full, lustrous barbs used for making clothes of the highest quality. Inicio Rune Nifelheim Database Clases Wiki RO Simulador Ragnarok M Foro

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มาทำหมวก Feather Beret หรือที่ใครๆเรียกว่าหมวก รด.ฟ้า กันเถอะ คุณสมบัติ: ลดความเสียหายจากกึ่งมนุษย์ 10%,MDEF+1 พลังป้องกัน: 1 ใช้สำหรับ: Upper น้ำหนัก...

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Feather Beret [1] - A premium-grade hat that offers a great fit. The feather decoration nicely complements the sky blue color. MDEF +1. -10% damage received from Human monsters. Class : Helm Defense : 1 Location : Upper Weight : 60 Job: All except Novice Classes

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Beret x 1 White Dyestuff x 1 (Creación de tintes) Soft Feather x 100. Hay un 10% de posibilidad de que no te de el Feather Beret, en ese caso tendrás que volver a conseguir los items e intentarlo de nuevo.

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Mini-Game Credits: Obtainable from participating to automated in-game events only. Rental Tickets: Automatically obtained during first log-in of the day. Can be used to redeem rental equivalent of headgears listed below. Some rental headgears have tweaked bonuses compared to its original counterpart.

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Ignores DEF, VIT DEF and MDEF (all kinds). Decreased by gear such as Feather Beret, Poo Poo Hat, Thara Frog card, Combat Knife, etc. Enchant Deadly Poison: This is certainly the most powerful Assassin Cross, principally when combined with Sonic Blow. It's generally used in important situations such as WoE, MvP and decisive PvP.

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ELITE ARMOR GACHA BOX GEAR UP WITH THIS EXTRA SURPRISING EQUIPMENT FRESH OUT OF THE BOX THE EQUIPMENT THAT CAN BE OBTAIN BY THE BOX ARE: GRAND PRIZE: Combat Knife: 0.5% DROP CHANCE : //1% Berserk: 1% Safe Refine Weapon +6 1% Executioner 1% Edge 1% Brionac 1% Quadrille 1% Rudra Bow 1% …

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Feathers of Protection - An iron band decorated with beautiful feathers designed to protect the back of the head. Class: Headgear Position: Middle Defense: 0 Weight: 50 Requires Level: 70 Usable By: All Jobs Mdef + 2 Aspd + 5% Reduces damage taken from Human Player and Doram race enemies by 2%. If the user's base Vit is 108 or higher, Additional Aspd + 5% Reduces …

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Black Feather - A winged hat that is said to have been used by an executive of a certain organization. Brings out high performance on top secret missions. Class: Headgear Position: Upper Defense: 18 Weight: 100 Requires Level: 100 Usable By: All Jobs Dex + 10 Mdef + 15 Restores 50 SP to the user when a monster is killed. Increases the damage of Feint Bomb by …