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Level IIIA Slim Panel Soft Body Armor. SKU. AR-3A-S. $153.00. The best option for concealed protection, or a lightweight option for an overt loadout: Our Level IIIA Slim Panel is built to be convenient and handgun armor to stop multiple hits from all handgun threats. It is made completely of two Aramid panels which, put together, make for an ...

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Hard Body Armor Level IV. 1. RMA Armament Hard Body Armor Plate. RMA Armament Hard Body Armor Plate. So, my top pick in this Threat Level is the RMA Armament Hard Body Armor Plate. Primarily, the RMA's Level IV body armor plate (Model #1155) is an NIJ Guide-0101.06 Certified system made in Centerville, Iowa.

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Best Body Armor [Tested]: Hard Plates & Soft Armor - Pew ... top The black, steel-core body armor is rated for protection against rifle calibers up to 7.62X51 M80 Ball (.308) at 2,800 feet per second.AR500 Armor is printed on a white label on the back side of the armor.Only AR500 Level III body armor with the manufacture date code of February …

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The discussion of soft body armor design describes how a bullet's impact energy is dispersed due to fiber weave so as to prevent penetration. The review of armor protection levels includes descriptions of six vest types by level of ballistic protection against standard test rounds.

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While soft body armor with para-aramid thread is designed primarily to prevent penetration from handgun bullets, such as 9mm, .40 and .357, for example, sometimes additional protection is needed in high-risk situations. That's where a second component in the bullet-stopping world comes into play.

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The Rimelig is the most budget option of the three, making it a solid entry-level soft armor option, while still staying true to the goal of soft armor: Reliable lightweight protection, at just 0.45" thick and weighing 1.24 pounds. The next level up is the Slim, which is made of two separate Aramid laminates joined together for greater strength.

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Soft Body Armor Statistics — Level IIIa vs. Level II, Body Armor Cuts, and Rifle Plate Selection. The FBI keeps statistics on police officers murdered or assaulted in the line of duty, and they've recently released a number of reports which cover the past ten years, from the beginning of 2008, through the end of 2017.

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Plus, it's ideally used in combination with soft armor for an ultimate form of protection in the field. So, now let's run through some of the various and best types of body armor that we could find on the market 2022 today… 1 Best Soft Armor for Civilians AR500 Armor Level IIIA Body Armor

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NIJ LEVEL III - At Level III, we start transitioning from soft body armor vests to ballistic plates and panels, commonly called ballistic body armor plates, hard armor plates, or rifle plates. At this level, the armor should be able to withstand 6 shots spaced at short intervals of a 7.62mm x 51 NATO (FMJ) 147-grain bullet traveling at 2780 ft./sec.

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Regardless of your specific caliber, the most used body armor (Level IIIA) will not protect you in a hunting accident where rifles are being used. The only protection level that can stop a 30-06, .308, or 7mm Rem Mag is a NIJ-Listed …

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One of the most selling body armor is a Level 4 Body Armor. Varieties of Body Armor. Body Armor below Level III consists of soft plates, whereas Level III, III Plus, and Level 4 Body Armor have hard plates as plate carriers. While a soft plate body armor is more comfortable than hard plate armor, it only offers protection against pistol rounds.

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The Armor Exchange by ROE Tactical offered a wide variety of ballistic protection solutions. Check out the different types of armor below. NIJ Rated SOFT BODY ARMOR Covering the range of spike and ballistic protection, Armor Exchange has your covered. RIFLE RATED HARD ARMOR Wether your mission calls for level III or level IV protection, steel ...

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It provides you protection against handgun rounds. Made from a combination of aramid fibers our Level IIIA armor is flexible, lightweight, and thin. ... Level IIIA Soft Armor - (set of two) Price $195.00. Quick View. Level IIIA - Soft Armor (single plate) Price $99.00. Subscribe. Thanks for submitting! SHOP.

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This soft armor can be used stand-alone, giving level IIIA protection, or in conjunction with as a backer on any of hard armor systems for additional protection. AR550 Armor. Spartan Systems new AR550 Body Armor is a steel armor plate that affords Level III+ protection, which defeats higher velocity threats such as XM193, M855 and M80.

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Level II. Protection: 9mm. Price: $30 – $100/ kit, but some kits can go all the way up to $200 for fully body protection. Weight: 5 lbs / plate. Level IIA armor is the weakest on this list only rated to stop a 9mm bullet. When talking about armor variants, there are "soft" types which are soft and squishy material such as kevlar or some ...

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Level II — This soft body armor is designed for low-caliber weaponry, such as the .22 LR, the .380, and in some cases, a 9mm. Level IIIA — This combination of soft and steel armor has the potential to protect against calibers up to .44 mag. Level III — This armor level comes in both steel and polyethylene options, and protects against ...

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ICW plates are lighter, thinner and achieve higher body armor levels of protection. Safe Life Defense incorporates low-profile front and rear pockets into all soft armor systems so you can add Level IV ICW Rifle Plates when encountering a higher threat level. This allows the armor system to be highly adaptable.

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Soft body armor vests (levels I, IIA and II) are not designed to protect against sharp or edged weapons as well as rifle rounds. Hard or tactical body armor (levels IIIA, III and IV) incorporate ...

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A ballistic protection level tells you how much security a certain level of armor can provide – or rather, the level of assault that it can withstand. A commonly followed (and the one we will discuss) benchmark is the EN 1063 standard set forth by the European Committee for Standardization (BR1-BR7) .

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Spartan Armor Systems' new Hercules Level IV Ceramic Body Armor features a true multi-curve design. The Hercules offers full edge to edge protection, providing 10″ x 12″ edge of armor to edge of armor protection and is threat protection rated for armor-piercing rifles up to .30-06 M2 AP.

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The perfect civilian body armor design. In some areas, additional bodily protection may be necessary. To stay protected, some people may find it comforting to wear an effective protective vest. As a customer, you need to be aware of what kind of body armor you should have. Before buying a vest for yourself, you need to assess the level of ...

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Level IIIA. While thicker and heavier duty than level II, the materials used to construct IIIA rated armor are still soft and somewhat flexible. Armor with this rating is capable of protecting against .44 Magnum or 9mm submachine gun ammunition. Body armor with the IIIA rating continues to grow bulkier than that of the ratings below it.

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Soft body armor has three levels of protection. It is worn under a uniform, thus, often called concealable wear. Level IIA; This body armor grade is constructed to protect against handgun or pistol ammunition. Namely, it secures from 9 mm FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) RN (Round Nose) and 40 S&W FMJ rounds with 124- and 180-grain weight and a velocity ...

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These are very similar in design to soft armors, but are naturally much thicker and heavier due to their increased protection levels. This extra protection makes for unwieldy armor that will be difficult to wear for extended periods and in harsh environments.

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The standard includes three performance levels, which are based on the armor's ability to prevent a perforation deep enough to injure an officer's internal organs at …

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Level II armor is typically soft body armor, meaning it is composed of woven or fibrous materials such as Kevlar, Twaron, Dyneema, and others.Level II is designed to protect from 9x19MM FMJ traveling at 1175 feet per second and .357 Magnum Jacketed Soft …

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Concealable Body Armor Level II Body Armor Specifications . Design requirements: The soft body armor detailed herein is intended to be the standard issue armor for each officer. It is also intended ... Rated level of protection and reference to the edition of the standard (i.e. Type II in accordance with ...

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Level III body armor is the threshold of where hard plate armor begins and soft inserts are no longer useful. Level III+ Body Armor will give federal law enforcement agents the best chance to defeat the dozens of bullets that will penetrate standard NIJ Level III body armor.. In most cases, Level III + body armor is enough to get the job done, but sometimes it …

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Concealable Body Armor Level II Body Armor Specifications . Design requirements: The soft body armor detailed herein is intended to be the standard issue armor for each officer. It is also intended ... Rated level of protection and reference to the edition of the standard (i.e. Type II in accordance with ...

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10x12 Level IIIA Soft Body Armor Plates Features: A stand alone armor plate with multiple hit capability. 7/16 Inch thick. Will fit most common carrier vests. Aramid soft armor plate design. Fully tested by independent Lab. Rated for up to six hits from .44 magnum bullets.

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All spike protection is soft armor and falls under NIJ standard 0115.00 for certification. While some soft ballistic armor will stop certain slashing threats, it is primarily designed to stop bullets. For protection against bladed …

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Level III A (3A) body armor is the highest level of protection you will find in soft body armor. Our Level III armor vest will protect you from everything from a BB gun to a .44 magnum. That is great protection. Don't settle for other vests or body armor that offer level IIA or level II. You want level III A body armor.

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NIJ Certified Threat Levels NIJ Level I rated soft body armor can defeat low caliber threats, such as .22 caliber LR LRN and .380 ACP FMJ RN. NIJ Level IIA body armor can withstand a few more low caliber threats, including 9 mm FMJ RN and 40 S&W FMJ. NIJ Level II body armor can defeat up to 9mm FMJ RN and .357 Mag JSP.

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In the USA, the National Institute of Justice sets the standards for body armor, and currently, you can get body armor level IIA, level II, level IIIA, level III and Level IV armor. Level IIa, II, and IIIA are soft armor inserts that are designed to stop pistol rounds, whereas Level III and IV are hard armor plates designed to stop rifle rounds.

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production and design have made it possible to find a balance between high-level protection, comfort and usability. Soft body armor has advanced considerably and is now made from lightweight and breathable materials that protect against a variety of threats. There are many levels and styles to find your optimal fit.

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There are 5 different classes of body armor levels developed by the National Institute of Justice: Level IIA, Level II, Level IIIA, Level III, and Level IV. Each level represents the armors ability to stop projectiles based on their size and velocity. Level IIA has the lowest level of protection while level IV has the highest level of protection.

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Level IV armor will stop armor piercing (AP) ammunition! We also stock helmets, level 2 and level 3a soft armor and single plate protection gear for civilians as well as police, security agencies, and private military contractors. Buy body armor today at our online store where we have the best civilian body armor at the lowest rates.